Sheriff’s Office

Court Services Division

Chief Joe Simon


The Court Services Division includes Courthouse Security, Court Staging, and the Civil Unit.   

Civil Process

Is responsible for receiving, processing and serving civil and criminal court orders and legal documents.  To expedite the process of filing time-sensitive documents such as protective orders, garnishment processing and Sheriff's Sales the Sheriff's Office has a Civil Process Office located at The Justice Center, 222 5th Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309. 

Courthouse Services

Provides law enforcement functions within the Polk County Courthouse and Justice Center.  Courthouse security deputies ensure the safety and security of those working and conducting business within these facilities.  The Polk County Courthouse is located at 500 Mulberry Street.  A screening station is located at the south public entrance to the courthouse building.  Handicap access to the building with an additional security screening checkpoint is located on the west side of the courthouse.  The new Justice Center is located at 222 5th Ave and the public entrance is located on the east side.  Courthouse security deputies also stage and transport inmates to court appearances and hearings.  Court staging information is available by contacting any courthouse security deputy or supervisor.



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