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General Public Access

The Polk County Sheriff's Office provides free access to limited service information. Individuals can ascertain whether papers have been served; but are not provided with specific service information such as the address of the individual requesting service or the address of the recipient. These safeguards have been put in place largely to provide appropriate security for individuals involved in potentially volatile situations.

This free information is available here:

Customers can now submit papers online and pay by credit card. To submit papers online with a credit card:

 High-Volume Attorney & Business Access

Legal and business professionals may elect to receive additional online services for a minimal annual fee. CivilViewer is a secure web portal that gives up to the minute access to civil filing, service and judgment information.  Expanded service provides many operational benefits including:

  • Personalized and secure access
  • Fast, keyword search capabilities
  • Easy access to document service information
  • Email notification of updates on their service documents

The secure web portal is available here:

To register, or for additional information, please contact the Civil Division at 515-286-3800.

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