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Jail How Do I...

  • Look up an Inmate's Information?

    Find the inmate record in the Polk County Jail Current Listing Inmates on the Web


    Get information about a court date, time, or room number?

    Contact the Clerk of Court at 515-286-3765.

  • View Jail Court Proceedings?

    Jail Court proceedings may be viewed by the public in the lobby of the jail via closed circuit television.

  • Get arrest information or police reports?

    Contact the arresting agency.

  • Contact pre-trial release?

    Call 515-875-5750

  • Register a Victim Notification through VINE?

    Find the inmate record in the Polk County Jail Current Inmate Listing and follow the link provided Inmates on the Web

  • Make a Deposit to an Inmate's Account?

    Go to  Select then select "Iowa" for the State and select "Polk County" for the Facility, then click "Enter." Click on "Inmate Identification" on the lower left hand side of screen to enter the inmate information.  To deposit money to an inmate's account select "Smart Deposit" on the upper left hand side of screen.

    Follow the directions found here English    Español

  • Make a Deposit to an Inmate's Phone Account?

    Money deposited to an inmate's commissary account can be used to purchase commissary items or make phone calls. To make a deposit to the commissary account go to  

    Follow the directions found here: English  Español

    Money can also be deposited directly with the inmate telephone provider. The prepaid calling account allows you to receive collect calls from an inmate and have the charges deducted automatically from your prepaid account. These funds are not able to be used for any other purpose. To make a deposit directly to a telephone account go to 

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  • Call or leave a Message for an Inmate?

    Sheriff's staff will not pass on messages to inmates. It is recommended that you write the inmate a letter.

  • Send mail to someone in the jail?

    Mail for inmates must come into the jail via the United States Postal Service. The sender's complete name and address must be on the return address portion of the envelope. If it is not, the mail will be returned to the Post Office.

    Address the envelope to:

    (Inmate's Complete Name)
    Polk County Jail
    1985 - NE 51st Place
    Des Moines, IA 50313-2517

  • Visit an Inmate?

    The Polk County Sheriff’s Office visitation program is provided courtesy of and offers on-site and remote visits between citizens and inmates. Video Visits are conducted on video terminals that are located within the detention center lobby.  It should be noted that participating in the on-site visiting program is not a guarantee of availability as booking times and space are limited. 

    On-Site Visitation 

    Inmates are allowed two (2) twenty (20) minute On-Site social visits per week.

    Each adult must visit separately, unless the visitors are parents or grandparents, then you may visit together as one visit. Children seventeen years of age and younger may visit if accompanied by their parent. The week runs Sunday through Thursday.



    On-site Visitation Hours

    Sunday: 8:30am – 10:30am, 12:30pm to 2:30pm

    Monday-Thursday: 8:30am - 10:30am, 1:00pm - 2:30pm


    **Remote visits are available through at the visitor’s expense and are available daily (8:00am - 10:00am, 12:00pm - 4:30pm, 6:00pm - 10:00pm).  Inmates may have 2 remote visits per day.

    Visitation hours may be adjusted on holidays or due to other events.

    Before being permitted to visit an inmate you will be required to register for an account.  If you have internet access, you can visit and create your account in advance to save time.

    You can also create an account at the On-Site visiting center. When you arrive at the Polk County Jail, you will need to provide a valid government issued ID along with, but not required, a valid email address if you have one. Policies concerning the system are evolving and changes affecting the implementation of the service may be modified if needed, without prior written notice.

    Once you are registered, you will receive an e-mail (if one was provided at the time of registration) welcoming you to the Remote Visitation System. At this time you will be provided with further instructions and information about the benefits of remotely visiting your loved ones.

    Click Here for The Visitation Rules and Guidelines for both on-site and off-site Remote Visiting.

    Off-Site Remote Visitation

    IWebVisit Window

    Off-site Visitation Hours

    Sunday - Saturday 8:30am - 10:00pm

    NO VISITS ARE ALLOWED During the Following Times every day:  11am-12pm, 3pm-4pm and 5-6pm

    Visitation hours may be adjusted on holidays or due to other events.

    In order to conduct a remote visit:

    You will need access to a computer, web cam, microphone and high-speed internet.

    Go to to register.

    Schedule the time and day you want to visit.

    Pay for your visit(s) with any credit/debit or registered pre-paid card.

    Engaging in illegal or illicit (to include disrobing and/or sexual behavior) will result in the visit being terminated. This visitor will be blocked from any further visits to any inmate confined in the Polk County Jail and is subject to criminal charges.  The inmate may also be charged with violation of the visiting rules and their visiting privileges terminated for the duration of their incarceration.

    Inmates are allowed 2 remote visits per day.

    Inmate availability is based on housing unit rules and/or disciplinary status.

    The cost is $11.00 for a 30 minute interval for standard visitors and $25.00 per 30 minute interval for qualified professionals.

    Once a visit has started and is canceled or terminated by the Facility for failure to comply with visiting rules a credit voucher will not be issued.

    Remote visits are non-refundable.

    All off-site visits must be scheduled at least one day in advance.*

    You may schedule a remote visit up to 3 weeks in advance.

    *Qualified Professionals have the ability to schedule a remote visit with 1 hour notice.



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  • Pick up an Inmate's Property?

    Property for in custody inmates is only released Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 3:45pm.

  • Pick up an Inmate's Property who has been transferred to Oakdale?

    Inmates must complete a Property Release prior to their transfer. This release dictates who may receive the property. Photo Identification is required. This property is released any day, at any time.

  • Drop Off Court Clothing for an Inmate?

    Clothing for jury trial appearances may be brought in with prior approval of the Jail. Only two outfits are allowed.

    Deliver to:

    Court Staging
    110 6th Avenue
    Des Moines, IA 50309

    Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm

  • Provide an inmate with photographs?

    Each inmate may have a total of five (5) photographs in their personal possession. Photographs must be 4" x 6" or smaller to be accepted. The Jail will NOT accept Polaroid type photos. Photos must be mailed to the inmate. We will not accept them in person.

  • Provide other personal items?

    The Polk County Sheriff's Office does not accept packages or any other property for inmates. Neither the Sheriff's Office, nor jail staff, will be responsible for lost or stolen items. Property left for over 10 days will be considered abandoned and will be discarded.

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