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Monday, July 30, 2018

Sample Page of the Weapons Permit Check Status

PCSO Rolling Out Weapons Permit Status Check 

July 30, 2018 

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is announcing the activation of the new Polk County Weapons Permit Status Check web link. This new link gives gun dealers and private citizens the opportunity to check the validity of an individual’s Polk County Permit to Carry or Purchase based on the assigned 9-character permit number on the permit. No personal information will be available, only the current status of the permit. The only two indicators that will come up from the search are VALID or INVALID. This is for Polk County permit holders ONLY. 

Since permits are valid for 5 years and often not returned once the permit holder is notified that the permit is revoked or suspended, that can make it hard for dealers and private citizens to know if they are selling to a valid permit holder. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is running annual criminal history checks to insure the website has as accurate of information as possible. Again, this web link is for Polk County permit holders ONLY. 

The web link to check the status of Polk County permits is located on the Polk County website and can be accessed by doing the following: 

Go to

Click on the “Weapons Permits Online” link in the “Online Services” area of the page

Click the link 

To the right is a sample of the response received after an inquiry.      



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