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Checklist Narrative for the Polk County Community Development Grant Program

Project Design

  • The project description is clear and complete
    The main body of the proposal should be a clear statement of the work to be undertaken and objectives for the period of the project.

  • Project is consistent with Polk County’s mandated services, Board of Supervisors strategic planning initiatives, or Polk County mission statement
    The project should reflect positively upon the goals and mission statements of Polk County government as previously established by the Board of Supervisors.

  • Proposed project is cost effective, well planned and ready for implementation
    Project needs to be carefully planned and ready to proceed once a grant is awarded. Such projects have clearly articulated goals, measurable objectives, a specified timeframe for accomplishment of tasks and show evidence that the organization has the capacity to follow through.

  • Proposed activities are an innovative response to a problem
    A project should propose a new or creative approach to a problem or issue.


  • The project budget is a reasonable projection of expenses and revenues
    The project budget is a reasonable projection of expenses and revenues The project should have a budget that provides a detailed, line-by-line breakdown of projected expenses and revenues and attributes the information to a reliable source (price quotes, etc.) The budget request should be realistic for the project and reflect the goals of the project.

Project Impact/Need

  • Proposed project addresses a documented need
    A project should address a need or problem that has been identified in a publicly defined way.

Size & Quality of Match

  • The proposed match is well documented and ready to expend
    The match commitment will be well documented.

    Example – Documentation including pledge sheets indicating volunteer time or a resolution from an organization reserving a designated amount for the proposed project.

Participation and Collaboration

  • The project involves broad community participation
    The project should demonstrate broad and active community participation in selection, planning, and proposed implementation of the project.

  • The application is supported by and is a collaboration of several organizations or diverse ethnic groups
    Applications should involve commitments from several organizations both inside and outside the community such as other neighborhood organizations, schools, and businesses.

Overall Assessment of the Proposal

  • Tax Return/Audited financial statement
    A copy of a tax return, an audited financial statement, and a federal 990 form will be attached to the application.

  • Listing of business affiliation of the organization’s officers
    Names and business affiliation of the organization’s officers and board of directors, length with the organization and frequency of directors meetings will be included with the application.

  • Are there related parties?
    Iowa law prohibits self-dealing by members of the County Board of Supervisors or by county employees. "An officer or employee of a county shall not have an interest, direct or indirect, in a contract with that county". $331.342 Code of Iowa. Does the applicant have a family or business connection to the members of the Board of Supervisors, to their immediate family or to any County employees? If yes, please describe.

  • Organization Information
    A history of the organization shall be submitted including funding history and completed projects.

  • Overall application completeness
    The overall application will be complete and provide all of the required information in a concise, neat, and organized manner.

  • Inclusion of the previous year’s status report
    An applicant who has received Community Development Grant funding in the previous year will enclose a Grant Reporting Form with this application.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact:
Lisa Moody-Tunks at (515)-286-2272

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