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Application Instructions

Polk County Community Betterment Grant Program
FY 2012/2013 Application Instructions

The Polk County Board of Supervisors is pleased to offer this unique funding opportunity to community service organizations throughout Polk County. The Polk County Community Betterment Grant Program was designed to provide financial support to non-profit organizations that provide cultural, recreational, educational, and human needs services to our citizens. Polk County has a rich history of partnering with public and private entities to provide effective programs and services to our community. The Board of Supervisors applauds your efforts to improve the quality of life for our citizens.

Polk County Community Betterment Grants (CBG) are funded from profits received by Polk County from the operation of the Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino. These grants provide another opportunity for the Board of Supervisors to return casino profits to our community. Unfortunately, due to the tremendous number of requests received and the uncertainty of gaming profits, it is impossible for the Board to approve every request.

Grants are awarded on a year-by-year basis and organizations should not rely solely upon these funds for ongoing operational programs. Due to legal restrictions, Iowa Code 331.901(5), organizations under ecclesiastical or sectarian management are not eligible for Polk County’s CBGs.

FY 2012/2013 Grant Schedule

  1. Applications will be accepted December 1, 2012 through February 28, 2013.
  2. Applications and supporting documents should be submitted by using the following link:
  3. The Board of Supervisors will review all applications to determine awards from March 3 through April 30, 2013.
  4. Awards will be finalized by the second official Board meeting in May 2013 and grants will be distributed the following week.
  5. Grant recipients must provide the Board with an annual grant status report. The report should include pertinent information that demonstrates the accomplishment of the grant’s stated purpose (Application Items 2 through 5). Reports are due February 28th each year until the grant proceeds have been exhausted or your project has been completed. The annual report should include a copy of the latest audited financial report for your organization. Submit annual reports to:

    Polk County Board of Supervisors
    Attn: Community Betterment Grant Program
    Polk County Administration Building
    111 Court Avenue, Room 300
    Des Moines, Iowa 50309
    515-323-5225 (fax)

  6. All grant recipients must provide the Board with a completed copy of the Grant Reporting Form. Reports are due 90 days after funds are fully expended.

Thank you for your interest in the Polk County Community Betterment Grant Program.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact:
Lisa Moody-Tunks at (515)-286-2272

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Polk County Administration Building
111 Court Avenue, Room 300
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Phone: (515) 286-3120
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