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Thursday, January 17, 2013

You can design your dream home. You can plan that ideal vacation. But what if you could design your perfect community? The last 40 years have seen the Greater Des Moines area evolve into a region that is ranked as one of the top places to live, work, and play. Now, communities, businesses, and residents are working on The Tomorrow Plan, a vision for the next 40 years. Help us design that perfect community by visiting today and by spreading the word to your networks!.

The Greater Des Moines region is wrestling with questions of how to accommodate 250,000 more residents, of how to provide the appropriate housing options for all, and of how our transportation, water, and education systems will be impacted by this influx. The Tomorrow Plan – the regional effort to ensure quality growth – is working to address these questions.

In order to do so, The Tomorrow Plan has introduced “Design My DSM,” an innovative online game that puts the power of designing the metro area in your hands. The game not only lets you design the metro the way you want it, it lets you see the long-term financial and environmental impacts of your decisions.

While other regions have sought public input on similar plans, Design My DSM will place the public’s preferences directly into future planning scenarios. This cutting-edge game allows you to prioritize various elements; for example, is having a park near your house or buying local food important to you? Once you have set your priorities, you can explore how they might be impacted by different policies and projects.

Ultimately, this is your home and your future – and your plan. We hope you will get involved and let The Tomorrow Plan know what is most important to you. Visit and take the time to play a game with a serious impact on our future. After all, you cannot win if you do not play – and we all win when we play together.

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