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Polk County Assessor Appointed

Friday, January 2, 2015

On May 6 The Polk County Conference Board, by a unit vote of 3-0, appointed current Polk County Chief Deputy Assessor Randy Ripperger to replace Jim Maloney as Polk County Assessor. Ripperger has served as Maloney’s Chief Deputy for the last seven years and his career includes 34 years in the assessment profession for Polk County.

John Mauro, Chair of the Polk County Board of Supervisors and the Polk County Conference Board said “Randy has been a great asset to the Assessor’s Office and Polk County and we are confident that he will pick up where Jim left off in running an exceptional office.”

The Polk County Assessor is responsible for determining the value of commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential property in Polk County. Ripperger was appointed by the Conference Board, a board assembled by State law consisting of a representative from every school district in Polk County, the Mayor of each city within Polk County, and the Polk County Board of Supervisors. His appointment is effective immediately.

“Polk County has been a terrific place to work and I feel honored to succeed Mr. Maloney as Polk County Assessor. He was someone who I looked up to and he has taught me the importance of organizational transparency in maintaining the public trust” said Ripperger.

In February former Polk County Assessor, Jim Maloney, announced his plans to retire after 45 years of service with Polk County. Elected as County Auditor in 1969 Maloney then became the Assessor for the City of Des Moines in 1984. In 1997 the City and County Assessor offices were combined and the Conference Board appointed Maloney. He has also served one term in the Iowa Legislature.

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