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Polk County Board of Supervisors Approves Budget for Upcoming Fiscal Year

Thursday, June 19, 2014

DES MOINES, Iowa – March 11, 2014 — At today’s meeting, the Polk County Board of Supervisors approved a $239.4 million balanced budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014. The budget increases the property tax levy by $0.22 to fund anticipated debt service on bonds issued because of the Polk County Public Safety Judicial System bond referendum that was passed by the public last fall. 

Polk County Board of Supervisors Chair, John Mauro stated “the $0.22 levy will end up costing the average homeowner about $1.50 per month but will fund $80 million in capital improvements for our courts system and improvements in public safety over the next eight years.”

The Judicial System referendum funds are being used for a phased approach to resolving the courts space issue. This includes utilizing existing downtown buildings (the old main jail and Wellmark building), moving court and County Attorney functions out of leased space, and renovations to the historic courthouse. Phase I of the project is nearly complete as the County Attorney staff are scheduled to move into their new space at the end of March. Phase II will start this spring with renovations to the exterior of the historic courthouse.

In addition to the Judicial System bond referendum, last year the public passed the Polk County Water and Land Legacy bond referendum that will allow about $6 million dollars to be used to fund projects that address improved water quality, wildlife habitat protection, connected communities by means of trails and greenways, revitalized parks, outdoor recreation and education opportunities.

“This budget reflects a lot of hard work to reduce costs and improve the operations and services provided by Polk County,” said Chairman Mauro. “There are many important issues in our community but the Polk County Board of Supervisors was pleased to have the support of the public on both referendums.”

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