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Polk County, Prairie Meadows Disburse School Funding

Monday, March 5, 2018

March 5 – Des Moines, IA. The Polk County Board of Supervisors and Prairie Meadows representatives have been visiting Central Iowa schools to present them with their 2018 contribution checks. The schools of Central Iowa typically receive about $1.1 million from Polk County and Prairie Meadows combined each year.

Polk County Board of Supervisors Chair Angela Connolly said, “We are in a unique position with a non-profit casino like Prairie Meadows in our county that is dedicated to giving back to our community. Both of our organizations value our public education system and are thrilled to be able to make this investment in the youth of our community.”

Prairie Meadows opened in 1987 and the land that it sits on is owned by Polk County. The facilities are leased from Polk County by a 13 member non-profit Board of Directors. The Polk County Board of Supervisors and Prairie Meadows have developed a partnership to ensure that revenues from Prairie Meadows benefit many areas of our community. An average of $14.91 per student is donated to schools that have Polk County students, totaling nearly $12 million going back to Central Iowa schools since the program began in 2007.

Gary Palmer, President and CEO of Prairie Meadows said, “As a non-profit company, it is Prairie Meadows’ mission to give back to this community. Education is one of our core areas of funding, and I can’t think of a better investment. Providing financial support so our next generation can have the best education is the most important thing we can do as a community.”

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