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 Most people know that Polk County’s growth and expansion is largely due to the government’s initiation in bringing positive changes in the community. However, what most people don’t know is that nonprofit entities such as Prairie Meadows are major driving forces behind these changes. Prairie Meadows is one of only two nonprofit gaming facilities in the United States and has committed to investing a large portion of their revenue to projects and initiatives in Polk County. The partnership between Polk County Board of Supervisors and Prairie Meadows has created a huge impact in our community over the past three decades.

In 1989, Polk County Board of Supervisors and Prairie Meadows established a partnership with the goal of investing a significant portion of Prairie Meadows’ revenue to Polk County citizens and the community. This investment from Prairie Meadows reaches as much as $26 million every year. Over the past three decades, they have invested over $1.7 Billion in investment to county organizations, infrastructure projects, education, arts and culture and the overall betterment of the community.

From the beginning of our partnership to now, Prairie Meadows has given the county a significant amount of resources to help build a better, safer and more sustainable community in Iowa.

See Our Impact

Our partnership with Prairie Meadows focuses on investing within four key pillars — infrastructure, arts and culture, community and education. Contributions in these areas play a major role in your everyday life as a resident of Polk County. From your public library, daily gym, major roads you drive on every day, your college or children’s school and more, this partnership has invested in it all so you can thrive in the place you call home.



A solid infrastructure is key to the growth of a community. Major water ways, buildings, parks and roads are all infrastructure entities that most of you use or are affected by every day. Here’s how our partnership with Prairie Meadows invested in the infrastructure that affects your daily life.


Arts and culture

Creativity, culture and art are essential to building a strong a community, because they provide the means to communicate across the barriers of different languages and cultures. Our partnership with Praire Meadows invests in arts and culture organizations and festivals in Polk County.


Your health and wellness are essential to living a happy and stress-free life in Polk County. Through our partnership with Prairie Meadows we strive to provide and improve the resources, services,  facilities and opportunities needed to help you reach your potential and flourish in Polk County.



The future of Polk County starts with a solid education and the resources, facilities and services needed to give our youth everything they need to expand their knowledge and help build their careers. Our partnership with Prairie Meadows allows us to invest in colleges and schools to bring Polk County to the top.

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