Polk County Treasurer

  • Replacement plates

    You need to bring in your current registration and any remaining plate(s) that is on the vehicle(s). This process is for all plates that are inventoried at the county. The cost is $5.00. If you do not have your current registration, the cost will be $8.00.

  • Replacement personalized/special plates

    The duplicate plate(s) is ordered through the county treasurer’s office. The cost is $5.00. The county will notify you when the plate(s) is in our office, at which time you will bring in your current registration to pick up your duplicate personalized plate.

  • Replacement validation sticker

    You will need to turn in your current registration and indicate that you need a validation sticker. If you do not have the current registration, the cost is $3.00 for a replacement registration. Indicate that you need both, registration and validation sticker.

  • Replacement registration

    You will need to know the plate number(s) of the vehicle(s) you need a registration for. The cost is $3.00.

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