Polk County Treasurer

Polk County Treasurer Mary Maloney

Polk County Administrative Building
111 Court Ave, Ste #154
Des Moines IA, 50309-2298
Vehicle Division: 515-286-3030
Property Tax Division: 515-286-3060
Website: /treasurer/

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Treasurer Offers Satellite Station

MARY MALONEY, POLK COUNTY TREASURER--The deadline for payment of the second installment of the 2013/2014 property tax is Tuesday, March 31. Mary Maloney, Polk County Treasurer, is once again opening a satellite station for the payment of property taxes at Polk County River Place to reduce traffic…



As Treasurer of Polk County, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Treasurer’s web site and briefly identify the primary functions of the office. These functions include:

1) The issuance of vehicle titles and registrations and the collection of all vehicle fees for residents of Polk County. Annually we process over a million vehicle transactions, respond to over 135,000 telephone inquiries, provide service to over 194,000 walk-in customers, collect nearly 122 million dollars and mail over 320,000 renewal notices to vehicle owners.

2) The collection of property taxes for over 167,000 parcels, 4,000 mobile homes, 4,300 special assessments and 700 miscellaneous and excise tax parcels. We respond to over 89,000 tax inquiries per year, administer the Iowa Property Tax Program and conduct the annual tax sale for the collection of delinquent taxes.

3) The financial administration and services for banking, cash management and investments. Distribution of collections to schools, cities and all other taxing agencies exceed 844 million dollars per year.

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Polk County Administrative Building
111 Court Avenue, Room 154
Des Moines, Iowa 50309-2298
Vehicle:  515-286-3030 (7-4:45 pm)
Property:  515-286-3060 (7-4:45 p.m.)