About Us

About Us


The Polk County Behavioral Health & Disability Services Department exists to support improved access to health care and to promote full citizenship for people with mental illness, intellectual disability, or developmental disabilities.


We promote this mission to serve people with disabilities by:

  • Partnering with community service organizations, people with disabilities, their families, and the community to promote improved health care and integrated living and working opportunities.
  • Identifying, developing, and maintaining efficient, effective, and responsive service delivery systems.
  • Advocating for their rights and educating the larger community to increase acceptance and full participation within the community.

Core Values

  • Self-sufficiency is the cornerstone to full citizenship in the community.  We provide learning opportunities, support, and resources for people with disabilities to reach their maximum potential and to realize their individual value to the community.  We also promote community acceptance through advocacy and education.
  • Collaboration and accountability are essential for achieving quality outcomes.  Collaborative relationships that benefit the whole community are grounded in mutual respect, cooperation, and trust.  Listening and responding to all stakeholder feedback, in balance with legal and fiscal responsibilities, promotes collaboration and accountability. 
  • All informed choices come with opportunity and responsibility.  Learning is more powerful and lasting when it is real and personal.  We foster growth and change by helping people make informed choices and supporting them through the natural consequences of decision making. 
  • Continuous innovation allows for system improvement, flexibility, and responsiveness.  We are leaders in the pursuit of performance excellence, improvement, implementation, and innovation through continuous learning and outcome evaluation. 

Polk County Behavioral Health & Disability Services Department Staff

Annie Uetz

Colin Agey

Gabbie Ruggiero

Jerry Evans

Julie Gibbons

Liz Puls

Rachel Adams

Sara Lupkes

Stephanie Schmidt


Resource & Referral Line: 515-288-0818

Main Line: 515-286-3570

Fax: 515-286-3590