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Most questions have been address in the SOS Voters FAQs

Voter Registration: Print (Letter size paper) mail or return this form to our office.  New registrations and updates use this form form.  IA code requires your original "wet" signature - Do not email.  The election office address is listed on footer.

Verify Your Registration:  Use this link to the Iowa Secretary of State to verify if you are registered in Iowa.  Included in the results are your voting precinct and polling place for each type of election.

Electronic Voter Registration: On-line Registration or update your current voter registration (including party changes).  You will need to have an Iowa driver license or identification card to be able to use the Electronic Voter Registration system.  Online voter registration tutorial video

FVAP: Federal Voting Assistance Program.  Voting assistance for Service members, their families and overseas citizens

Restoration of Citizenship:  A restoration of citizenship restores the right of a person to vote and hold public office.     Application         FAQs

Click here for the Federal Voter Registration Forms in additional languages


Voted ID - FAQ (Iowa SOS)


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