Title V Permits

The Operating Permits Section was established to deal with the issuance of permits to operate facilities pursuant to Title V of the Federal Clean Air Act.

Operation Permits are designed to ensure equipment continues to perform as designed, to protect ambient air quality. Iowa’s Operating Permit Program includes 2 types of operating permits: Title V and Small/Minor Source.

Current Title V Permits

Archer Daniels Midland- Des Moines Soybean 04-TV-020-R1

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations 05-TV-008R2

CB & I Clive Plant 01-TV-011R3

Construction Products, Inc. 99-TV-006R4

Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority 16-TV-007R1

Iowa EPS Products, Inc. 21-TV-004

John Deere Des Moines Works 04-TV-017R2

Magellan Pipeline Co., L.P.- Des Moines Terminal 98-TV-019R3

Metro Methane Recovery Facility 03-TV-005R3

Metro Park East Landfill 03-TV-033R3

MidAmerican Energy Co.- Pleasant Hill CTs/ GDMEC 97-TV-006R3

MidAmerican Energy Company- River Hills CTs 98-TV-015R4

MidAmerican Energy Company- Sycamore CTs 98-TV-014R4

Principal Life Insurance Company 02-TV-019R3

Quality Manufacturing Corporation 14-TV-013R1

Siculus, Inc.  18-TV-007R1

Siegwerk USA Co .- 129 SE 18th St.  03-TV-023R2

Siegwerk USA Co.- SW 56th St.  18-TV-001R1

Titan Tire Corporation 02-TV-013R3