About CFYS

The Department of Community, Family & Youth Services manages and provides a variety of direct and purchased services for families and individuals in all age groups.

For a complete list of Community, Family & Youth Services programs please visit our all programs page.

Direct and Purchased Services Include:

  • Community centers and congregate meal sites¬†
  • A three-day supply of healthy nutritious food and other essential non-food items
  • Transportation assistance
  • Home delivered meals and home care aide for eligible citizens over 60 or persons with disabilities
  • General assistance and supplemental foods to assist eligible county residents in meeting basic and special needs
  • Property tax suspension for qualified senior citizens and persons with disabilities
  • Assistance for victims of violent crime and domestic abuse
  • Special services for at-risk and frail elderly
  • Case management, education, employment and family support services for qualified public assistance recipients

Eligibility criteria differ for each program.

Call the specific division for more information. Contact information for our divisions is available on our contacts page.