Polk County Water & Land Legacy Bond

Photo: Easter Lake is now one of the cleanest lakes in Iowa following a complete renovation of the watershed. This outdoor recreation hub on the south side of Des Moines encourages visitors to paddle, swim, fish, and traverse the 4-mile trail that circles the lake.

On Tuesday, November 2, 2021 voters supported the Polk County Water and Land Legacy Bond (PCWLL) in historic fashion passing the measure by 81%. This large margin of victory clearly shows that there is bipartisan support for critical water quality, wildlife, trails, and recreation projects.

Learn how investing in outdoor recreation, protects Iowa's natural resources here.

2012 - 2021 Bond Project Information

With the new bond, Polk County Conservation has pledged to spend the following:

  • Water Quality Projects: $25 million on water quality projects
  • Parks: $20 million
  • Land Acquisition: $10 million
  • Trails: $10 million

We will be planning and prioritizing critical water quality, natural resources restoration, and park and trail projects during the winter months. 

Broader than these specific projects, Polk County Conservation is most excited to improve the quality of life for you, your children, and your grandchildren. Improved water quality, wildlife habitat protection, connected communities by means of trails and greenways, revitalized parks, outdoor recreation and education opportunities for all ages and abilities, active and healthy youth and adults, and adequate green space for our future generations are important to the health of our community.

We encourage the public to stay involved and updated on Polk County Water and Land Legacy projects in future years. You can do this by subscribing to our monthly E-newsletter, or our quarterly Nature News publicationAlso, a special page on our website is devoted to PCWLL project information.