Emergency Management

Disaster Impact Reporting System

Click Here to Report Impacts from the Flash Floods.

Follow the link above to access the online damage assessment reporting system.  Use this link to notify officials that you have been impacted by  flash flooding.  This will allow officials to initiate a damage assessment. 

If you need help moving debris you may contact Polk County Emerency Management for assistance at 515-286-2154 or 515-286-2155.


Resources for Individuals Impacted by the Flood

Please follow the link above to find a list of resources individuals can use that were impacted in the flood.

Phases of Emergency Management


Foundation of emergency management. Activities designed to reduce or eliminate long-term risk


Ensure that when disaster strikes, emergency personnel are able to provide the best response


Includes actions taken immediately after a disaster occurs


Long-term – return community to “normal”

Emergency Preparedness

Get a Kit

Learn how to put together an emergency kit

Make a Plan

Learn how to plan for an emergency

Be Informed

Get information on different types of hazards and how they could affect you



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