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911 Service Board RFP

The Polk County 911 Service Board in Iowa, hereafter known as The Board, is soliciting proposals from firms with relevant experience to provide a proposed solution in the area of 911 Service Plan and Board Strategic Planning services (hereafter referred to as planning services) consistent with industry best practices and federal and state requirements.

Specifically, this RFP seeks professional facilitation services to assist the Polk County 911 Service Board and related stakeholders identify short-, mid-, and long-term goals related to delivery of 911 services across the service area resulting in an updated Polk County 911 Service Plan and 911 Service Board Strategic Plan. The work may include but not limited to analysis of: systemic strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; radio operability and interoperability, focusing on technology and process improvements between the existing systems; computer aided dispatching operability and interoperability; standardization of personnel training programs; uniformity of standard operating guidelines and procedures; and co-location or consolidation of services.

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Phases of Emergency Management


Foundation of emergency management. Activities designed to reduce or eliminate long-term risk


Ensure that when disaster strikes, emergency personnel are able to provide the best response


Includes actions taken immediately after a disaster occurs


Long-term – return community to “normal”

Emergency Preparedness

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