About Us

The Polk County Air Quality Division website provides information about how air quality may impact your health. The website also provides information on industrial construction permits, operating permits, open burning permits, recent news articles and ambient air quality monitoring.

The Air Quality Division of the Polk County Public Works Department is authorized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to implement and enforce the mandate of the Clean Air Act and the local regulations of the Polk County Board of Health. It is this division’s objective to achieve and maintain such levels of air quality as will protect human health and safety. These objectives are accomplished through the following activities:

  • Issue permits for the installation and operation of sources to persons or companies emitting air contaminants.
  • Perform uniform compliance inspections at industrial and commercial facilities, in accordance with the EPA's Inspection Protocol for Stationary Sources.
  • Respond to outdoor air quality requests, including illegal open burning, fugitive dust, excessive emissions and general air quality issues.
  • Maintain a network of continuous monitors for ambient air in Polk County to measure compliance with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

You can find our offices at 5885 NE 14th Street, Des Moines, IA 50313.