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Property Tax Overview

The County Auditor receives property values from the County Assessor, applies State rollbacks, applies local taxing entity tax rates, then transmits levied property taxes to the County Treasurer for collection.

Below find several resources with regard to Property Taxes in Polk County and the State of Iowa.

Property Tax Rates

Consolidated Rates

Click State Consolidated Rates for current and historical consolidated tax rates statewide.

Click Current Polk Consolidated/Net TIF Rates for all current consolidated and net TIF rates by taxing district.

Polk County Levy Rates by Taxing Authority

FY2019/2020 Levy Rates

FY2018/2019 Levy Rates

FY2017/2018 Levy Rates

FY2016/2017 Levy Rates

FY2015/2016 Levy Rates

FY2014/2015 Levy Rates

FY2013/2014 Levy Rates

FY2012/2013 Levy Rates

FY2011/2012 Levy Rates

FY2010/2011 Levy Rates

FY00/01 through FY09/10

FY89/90 through FY99/00

FY85/86 through FY89/90

Taxing Authority Valuations

Click State Online System for a broad range of current and historical valuation reports.

Click State Excel Reports to view both current and historical static reports in an Excel format.

Public Access to Local Government Budgets

The Iowa Department of Management provides public access to all taxing authority budgets:

State Agency Budgets

City Budgets

School Budgets

Other Local Budgets

Iowa Department of Revenue

State Treasurer of Iowa


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