Election Maps

Polk County Online Map - Elected Officials

Current Election Maps

  • Valid from 2012 - 2021 
  • Will not be updated beyond the initial use for redistricting.
  • Paper maps are not available for purchase, but may be reproduced at your own expense.
  • Date of Publication: February 2012

District Map Packages

  • Contains all precinct level maps for the district in a zip file.  This download contains our most detailed maps.    Mapped to the property level
  • Contains a District Map

District PDF Maps

  • Detail to the street & precinct level

Historic Precinct Maps

  • We currently have precinct maps back to 1972.  
  • Older maps will be scanned as they are located in our archives.

1972-1981 Precinct Co

1972-1981 Precinct DSM

1982-1991 Precinct Map

1992-2001 Precinct Map

2002-2011 Precinct Map

2012-2021 Precinct Map

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