Volunteer with Polk County Conservation

Volunteerism with PCC (Polk County Conservation) focuses on hands-on restoration and preservation of high-quality natural areas as well as participation in ongoing construction and maintenance projects in our parks and along our trails and waterways. Volunteers work alongside conservation professionals, learn about the Iowa landscape, and participate in projects that yield immediate and rewarding results.

Volunteering with PCC is a wonderful way to lend a helping hand while enjoying the great outdoors. All community members, both youth and adult, are invited to participate in a variety of activities and projects throughout the year according to their interests. Opportunities abound in any of our managed areas and in a variety of ways. 

Where To Volunteer

The native landscapes of Iowa are a rich tapestry of tallgrass prairies, oak-hickory forests, and biologically diverse wetlands in which volunteers can make their mark in over 16,000 acres of parks, trails, recreation, and wildlife areas managed by Polk County Conservation.

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Become an important part of your community today! Public volunteer events, both virtual and in-person, are held year-round on both weekdays and weekends with dates posted quarterly on the Events Calendar. 

Private events are also available and are tailored specially to your group’s wants, needs, and schedule. 

No experience is necessary, and all training and equipment is provided. 

Please check this page to keep up-to-date on the most recent event details.

*Annual events and workday details are located in the tab to the left of this page.


Stewards are those individuals or groups with special interests related to the field of conservation that are seeking an individualized, in-depth experience. Our stewards assist in natural resource and maintenance projects in our parks and trails with the freedom to work independently from PCC staff and according to their own schedule. Stewards demonstrate responsible management of and commitment to the volunteer duties entrusted to their care. 

Whether you are an individual passionate about the Iowa landscape; a retiree seeking a fulfilling pastime; a student, church, or youth group looking to give back to your community; a professional or novice that has a knack for construction; or any level in-between, the PCC stewardship program will plug you into the right experience. Our programs offer tremendous ownership to you, the volunteer, and provides an invaluable service to our staff and community. Proficient stewards also have access to chainsaw, brush cutter, brush chipper, and other heavy equipment training, if desired.

Contact Volunteer Coordinators today to connect you or your group with the knowledge, expertise, and tools required to be a responsible steward of the land in central Iowa.

*Steward program details are located in the tab to the left of this page.


Many amazing local companies and corporations offer Volunteer Time Off (VTO) as an added incentive for their workforce. This provides a unique opportunity for those within their ranks to create a positive impact within our community. If your organization offers VTO hours, come spend it outside with PCC in a beautiful county park! Join us for a variety of projects such as habitat restoration, native garden maintenance, and trail maintenance throughout our park and trail system. 

Businesses and individuals are encouraged to sign up for our scheduled weekday events available on the Events Calendar. These opportunities are designed as come-and-go as you please experiences per your desired hours.

If these options do not work for your group, reach out to a Volunteer Coordinator today to schedule a private event for your company! 


Polk County Conservation invites members and troops of Girl and Boy Scouts of America to join any scheduled events throughout the year. Troops can also host their own event and earn merit badges through service. 

Eagle Scout Service Projects

Polk County Conservation is a proud, long-standing beneficiary of Eagle Scout service projects. An Eagle project provides a Scout with the unique opportunity to demonstrate leadership to others while carrying out a project for the benefit of their community. As a reflection of the leader they are becoming, service projects showcase the commitment, proficiency, and stewardship within each Eagle Scout. 

Contact Volunteer Coordinators today for a complete list of projects available in the park, trail, or wildlife area of your choice.


To provide the best possible experience, please set up a time at your convenience to speak with a Volunteer Coordinator to match your interests with our opportunities. For further questions about our volunteer program, set up your own private workday event, or request quarterly updates and the latest available projects emailed directly to you, please contact:

Polk County Conservation asks and expects all volunteers to follow a Code of Conduct.

Polk County Conservation strives to host inclusive, accessible events and meetings that enable all individuals to participate. If you anticipate needing a modification due to a disability or have questions about accessibility, please contact us at 515-323-5300 or