County Mission & Values

Polk County exists to serve the public. We are committed to service excellence, fiscal responsibility and enhancing the quality of life. We will be the most effective, productive, and responsive local government in Iowa.

We are committed to eight core values:

  1. The County’s greatest asset – its employees – will understand their individual value to the organization, and be provided with the encouragement, opportunities and resources to reach their maximum potential.
  2. As an organization we will operate with a clear, multi-year plan.
  3. We are committed to diversity. Our workforce and the services we provide and procure will reflect the diversity of our community.
  4. We will be leaders in the continuous pursuit of improvement and innovation.
  5. We will promote the development of partnerships that benefit the whole community, and we will foster cooperation among units of government.
  6. We will use advancements in technology to fulfill our mission.
  7. Our citizens and clients, when surveyed, will rate our performance as excellent.
  8. All policies and decisions regarding Polk County government programs, services and processes will be consistent with our mission.