Planning & Development


Polk County Planning and Development Division includes Building, Code Enforcement, Housing Services, Environmental Health and Planning & Zoning Services. Please click on the links to find out more about each section.

  • Building Services (286-3352) issues permits and inspects new construction and additions to residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Building Services inspects new construction and additions for compliance with the Polk County Construction Code.
  • Code Enforcement enforces Polk County Construction Code, Zoning Ordinance and Health Nuisance codes in an effort to eliminate conditions that threaten the life, health, safety, and general welfare of residents. 
  • Real Estate section deals with the sale of properties acquired through the Tax Sale process. 
  • Environmental Health Services (286-3705) provides services related to those affecting the health and safety to the physical environment in which we live. Services include: inspection of on-site wastewater systems, review of Time of Transfer inspections, commercial swimming pool, spa, tanning and tattoo establishment inspections, inspections of private wells, drinking water well testing investigation of all nuisance complaints in regard to environmental health, Commercial Septic Tank Cleaners, and mosquito control.
  • Planning & Zoning Services provides a wide variety of land use, zoning and planning services. We administer a number of County Ordinances and assist the public, developers, and consultants with general property inquiries regarding land use, zoning, land division, etc. Planning services utilizes the Polk County Comprehensive Plan to guide land use decisions through the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map. The Subdivision Ordinance for Unincorporated Polk County provides land division and development standards.