Services and Programs

Welcome to the Polk County Health Department! We strive to be a leader in encouraging everyone to take responsibility for improving their own health and building the kind of society that supports and enables all of us to live healthy lives. The Health Department cares about engaging residents, reducing health disparities and attending to the needs of our most vulnerable families.

Below are a few of the services we provide:

• Provide health assessments such as sports physicals and well child checkups to ensure our youth’s health and safety.
• Keep the community, employers and employees safe through work physicals and drug tests.
• Provide testing, treatment, education and counseling for sexually transmitted diseases.
• Promote disease prevention through adult and travel immunization clinics.
• Ensure the health of newly immigrated individuals and refugees through our green card immunization services.
• Provide uninsured or underinsured women, non binary people and trans people in Polk County with access to mammograms, office visits, pap tests, clinical breast exams, and heart health screenings along with other needed diagnostic testing, treatment and case management through the Healthy Women Program.


The Health Department also identifies and responds to potential health hazards in resident’s homes from harmful substances and pests such as lead, radon, mold and bed bugs through our Metropolitan Partnership for Lead Safe Housing and Healthy Homes Program.


Our main goals:
• Prevent disease outbreaks and epidemics
• Prepare for and respond to disasters
• Ensure access to key health services
• Promote and encourage the establishment of healthy habits
• Protect against environmental hazards
• Lead a strong local public health system
• Learn what really matters to people