Maps of Iowa

Hourly AQI Maps (Provided By EPA-AIRNow)

Maps of Iowa

Particulate matter is the term used for a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. Coarse particles (larger than 2.5 micrometers) come from a variety of sources including windblown dust and grinding operations. Fine particles (less than 2.5 micrometers) often come from fuel combustion, power plants, and diesel buses and trucks.

Ozone is a major element of urban smog. Ozone can limit the ability to take a deep breath, and it can cause coughing, throat irritation, and breathing discomfort. There is also evidence that ozone can lower resistance to respiratory disease (such as pneumonia), damage lung tissue, and aggravate chronic lung disease (such as asthma or bronchitis).

The ozone season for the U.S. begins May 1st. However, some states including Iowa begin the ozone season April 1st. Ozone maps are currently available for Iowa.


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Polk County - Carpenter Site 

Polk County - Sheldahl Site


Maps provided by:  EPA-AIRNOW

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Maps provided by:  EPA-AIRNOW

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