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For thousands of years, wildfires kept trees out of Iowa’s tall grass prairies, releasing nutrients that fed a lush, new growth of grasses and flowers. Iowa’s native tall grass prairies and plant communities developed under fiery conditions and are part of a fire-dependent landscape. By reintroducing fire, we recreate a process that maintains Iowa’s fertile soils in grasses and wild flowers. Since the early 1970s, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has used prescribed burns as a management tool to:

  • Control undesirable vegetation (e.g. brome, invasive species, trees and brush, etc.)
  • Manage native plant diversity and composition
  • Prepare sites for harvesting, planting, or seeding
  • Enhance seed production
  • Control plant disease
  • Reduce wildfi re hazards
  • Remove slash and debris
  • Release nutrients back into the soil
  • Improve wildlife habitat