A Day at Carney Marsh

Published 10/5/2022 2:26:34 PM

The Music of Carney Marsh

Whether you are biking, fishing, birdwatching, or walking around on the multiple trails at Carney Marsh take a moment to listen to the music around you. The humming of insects, the buzzing of their wings provides a background to the birds chirping. The irregular splash of fish harmonizing with the ribit, grunts, and croaks of the frogs. All accompanying the smooth consistent whoosh and rustle of the wind dancing through the trees and tall grasses surrounding the marsh.

Listen closely and you may hear the scurrying of a muskrat. These medium sized semi aquatic rodents call the 40-acre wildlife preserve their home. The Carney Marsh is a wetland meaning it is a unique piece of land that is always covered in water. Acting as a sponge water is slowly released into the surrounding environment allowing for many things to grow. When walking around Carney you are able to take in the green of the trees, tall grasses, plants, and flowers that all prosper soaking up the water of the wetland. While you are at the marsh you too can be a sponge and soak up the nature surrounding you.


Not only do you hear the chirping of birds, but are able to see a variety flitting from tree to tree. Herons, yellow-headed and red-winged blackbirds, yellow-throated warblers, and various waterfowl all call the marsh their home. Keep your eyes peeled for bright colors.

Bike Riding

The wide asphalt two mile trail is perfect for biking. Especially if you are looking for solitude, surrounded by nature, the soft melody of the wilderness guiding you on your ride. The trees create little windows so you can peer through to the marsh. The sun glints off the rippling water.


A two-mile trail, a half mile trail, and a portion of the Gay Lea Wilson Bike Trail. All of them are perfect for a contemplative stroll, a jog, or walking through the greenery. During the summer, the variety of trees helps create ample shade. Remember to wear sunscreen, drink water, and use bug spray for the most enjoyable experience. Get out to Carney Marsh today to enjoy the symphony of nature.