Drug and Gang Bureau

The Polk County Attorney’s Office Drug and Gang Bureau consists of seven attorneys, three legal assistants and three secretaries. The Drug and Gang Bureau prosecutes the drug crimes, gang-related crimes (crimes committed by gang members and crimes committed based on a gang-related motive) and associated crimes of violence, including murder. The lawyers assigned to this docket are on-call and available to assist law enforcement with matters such as charging decisions, legal questions, investigative suggestions and search warrants, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Legal assistants are assigned to assist the attorneys. One legal assistant is assigned to handle civil forfeiture matters.

The Drug and Gang Bureau prosecutes the majority of the civil forfeitures in Polk County. Civil forfeiture involves the seizure and forfeiture of money and other property proven to be proceeds from criminal activity, used or intended to be used to facilitate criminal activity, or in some other manner substantially related to conduct giving rise to forfeiture as defined in Iowa Code section 809A.


7 Attorneys
3 Legal Assistants
3 Legal Secretaries

Facts On Gangs - What Every Citizen Should Know 

Drug Activity Complaints (non-emergency)

City of Des Moines (515) 283-4830 - - - Des Moines Police Department Narcotics Control Section

Polk County and Metro Suburbs (515) 223-1400 

Crime-stoppers which forward all drug-related to the Mid Iowa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force:

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Facts On Gangs - What Every Citizen Should Know