Polk County Health Department Partners with Des Moines Public Library on Gun Safety

Published 9/20/2023 12:40:29 PM

Polk County Health Department Partners with Des Moines Public Library on Gun Safety

Free Gun Trigger Locks are Now Available at All Des Moines Public Library Locations


(Des Moines, IA) – Polk County Health Department (PCHD) is excited to announce its partnership with Des Moines Public Library on promoting gun safety in our community. Gun trigger locks are available and FREE to pick up at all Des Moines Public Library locations.

“We want to thank PCHD for continuing to find new ways to meet the health and safety needs of our communities, and we are honored to partner with them to help our own patrons and library users,” said Susan A. Woody, Director of Des Moines Public Library.  

Free gun trigger locks are available at multiple locations throughout Des Moines including libraries, law enforcement agencies, and community organizations. Please note, you do not need a library card to pick up a free gun lock at library locations. To see a map of pick-up sites, visit PCHD’s website.

“One of our public health approaches to addressing gun-related injuries in our community is improving access to safe gun storage. We hope our partnership with the libraries provides easy access to gun locks for our community,” said Helen Eddy, Director of PCHD.

Proper gun storage can prevent accidental injuries and reduce gun-related injuries.  

Make sure your firearms are stored locked and unloaded. Help destigmatize the conversation around gun safety by talking to your friends and family. We need the community’s help to reduce gun-related injuries and protect our kids. To learn more about gun safety, visit PCHD’s website. Gun Safety Saves Lives. Talk it Up, Lock it Up.




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