Stakeholder Meetings

Air Quality Division - Stakeholder Meeting Notice

Review & Comment Period

Starts: December 1, 2022

Ends:  December 20, 2022 (in-person meeting date)


Polk County - Air Quality will provide an extended stakeholder group review for the Local Program’s draft budget, core program activities, funding and permit fees. 

The local program meeting will include all stakeholders interested in the Local Program’s proposed budget, core program activities and permit fees.

Comment/Review Period Starts:        December 1st, 2022

Comment/Review Period Ends:          December 20th, 2022 (in-person meeting date)

Location:                                                   5885 NE 14th Street

(Minor & Major Source Groups)             10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Conference Room A

Comments or email RSVP:      

Primary Contact:                                 Jeremy Becker

Primary Contact Phone#:                    (515) 286-2263

Secondary Contact:                             Jennifer Bradley

Secondary Contact Phone#:                (515) 286-2227

How to participate?  RSVP for in-person meeting.

Review Materials:

Air Quality FY22 Reports & Information