Mud Camp Spring Watershed Management Authority

Mud Camp Spring Greenway Planning-We Want To Hear From You!

A committee has been formed to explore opportunities for connecting green spaces, providing recreation, and improving water quality within the Mud, Camp, and Spring watersheds. The committee is seeking input from the public on identifying areas of importance to the watershed, as well as sharing ideas for what can make the greenway an amazing amenity that improves the quality of life for residents within the watersheds.  Click this link to visit the Greenway website and to provide feedback: MCS Greenway Planning

The Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek Watersheds are located in the eastern portion of Polk County.  They also extend into western Jasper and northwest Marion Counties.  Mud Creek Watershed has a drainage area of 27,350 acres, of which 92% are rural and 8% are urban.  Camp Creek Watershed includes 26,063 acres, which are 97% rural and 3% urban.  Spring Creek has the smallest drainage area at 11,049 acres, of which 86% is rural and 14% is urban.  Urbanization is occurring at a rapid rate, particularly in the Mud and Spring Creek Watersheds.  This increases stormwater runoff in these watersheds, which results in increased flooding, nutrient pollution, and streambank erosion, which are all primary concerns.

The Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek Watershed Management Authority was formed in January 2014 and is made up of the jurisdictions of Polk County, Jasper County, Marion County, City of Altoona, City of Bondurant, City of Pleasant Hill, City of Mitchellville, City of Runnels, Polk Soil & Water Conservation District, Marion Soil & Water Conservation District, and Jasper Soil & Water Conservation District.  This includes 100% of the jurisdictions eligible for the Watershed Management Authority.

Mud Camp Spring Watershed Master Plan

The Watershed Management Plan (WMP) for Mud, Camp, and Spring Creeks was developed with coordination from the Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek Watershed Management Authority (MCSCWMA). The development of the WMP occurred over several meetings to discuss the concerns and challenges facing the watersheds. Through the information gathered at the meetings, goals and tasks were appointed. The Mud Camp Spring Watershed Master Plan was completed in April 2016.  Based on the recommendations of the stakeholder group, the primary focus of this
Watershed Management Plan is to develop a strategy to address the sediment and bacteria levels in the creeks. The Watershed Management Plan also secondarily addresses the nitrogen and phosphorous loading in the creeks. According to monitoring data collected as part of Iowa’s volunteer-based water monitoring program, IOWATER, Mud, Camp, and Spring Creeks have various stream attributes that may be of concern, including low to high phosphorous, normal to high dissolved oxygen, normal to high nitrates, and low to normal chlorides. You can view the full plan by clicking here.

Mud Camp Spring WMA Meeting Agendas & Minutes

A Watershed Management Authority is formed when two or more eligible political subdivisions want to work together to engage in watershed planning and management. The political subdivisions can include a combination of cities, counties, and Soil and Water Conservation Districts. The requirements of a WMA include being located within a watershed no larger than an 8-digit Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) watershed, notifying all eligible political subdivisions to participate within 30 days prior to establishing organization, a Chapter 28E agreement filed with the Secretary of State, and a Board of Directors.  The Mud Camp Spring WMA meets quarterly, and agendas and minutes can be accessed below.


April 2024 Agenda

April 2024 Minutes

January 2024 Agenda

January 2024 Minutes

October 2023 Agenda

October 2023 Minutes

July 2023 Agenda

July 2023 Minutes


Agenda and Minutes Archive

Board Member Representative Packet


Polk County, on behalf of the Walnut Creek Watershed Management Authority (WMA) is inviting experienced professional services teams (Consultant) to submit their qualifications for the development of the Walnut Creek Watershed 5-Year Implementation Plan. The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) can be found by clicking the following link. Submittal deadline is June 14, 2024 at 2:00PM. Walnut Creek Watershed 5 Year Implementation Plan RFQ