Natural Resources Steward Program

Leave a lasting impact in your community through one of PCC's Steward Program. Stewards are the caretakers of native gardens and protectors of Polk County's prairie, woodland, and wetland habitats. They monitor a variety of wildlife populations, maintain miles of recreational trails, harvest native seed, eradicate invasive plant species, keep our waterways and parklands clear of litter, engage in citizen science, and spark passion in those they work alongside. 

Following training and gaining experience in the field over time, Stewards of Polk County Conservation are those individuals or groups who may work independently from staff. Select Stewards also have the unique opportunity to lead other volunteers on public and private events and projects. This program allows the freedom to work according to your own schedule and interests with guidance from PCC volunteer coordinators. It is recommended to begin first by exploring public events calendar for a list of upcoming volunteer events to see where your interests and abilities come together. 

Stewardship opportunities are available in any PCC-managed area. All training, tools, equipment, and expertise necessary for volunteers to carry out stewardship duties are provided by Polk County Conservation staff.

Contact volunteer coordinators to express your interest in becoming a Natural Resources Steward in one of these programs at

Additional Steward Programs

Stewards are also valuable members of other Polk County Conservation programs. Please reach out to the staffmember listed as the representative for the following programs to express your interest: 

Missy Smith
Jester Park Nature Center 
p. 515-323-5317

Ginny Malcomson
Water Quality Monitoring Program 
p. 515-323-5370

Alyssa Ayersman
Jester Park Equestrian Center
p. 515-999-2818

To assure safety and to provide the best possible volunteer experience, Polk County Conservation asks and expects all volunteers to follow a Code of Conduct.