Building and Grounds

About Us

This Division provides maintenance and support services throughout County Government at all owned and most leased facilities. This includes custodial services, building and grounds maintenance, light construction, engineering, telephone support, and other general support duties.

County Properties

Polk County owns over 25 buildings (plus park facilities) used for providing services to the public. When necessary, the County has also leased space to house offices when owned facilities were not practical or available. These owned and leased facilities provide a wide array of services ranging from public health & safety to entertainment. Iowa counties are also required to provide facilities from which certain State functions must operate; these are primarily courts and human services.

General Information phone number: (515) 286-3000

Building Repair & Maintenance

Annually, the Board of Supervisors appropriates funds for maintaining the many facilities owned by Polk County. The Board has been diligent in providing sufficient funds to keep County facilities in good condition. Our approach is to try to keep buildings in good shape and avoid conditions that could lead to very costly repair and maintenance costs. We also want the public to be served from buildings that they can be proud to own.