Polk County Administration Unveils Next Year Budget to Board of Supervisors

Published 2/7/2024 1:24:53 PM

Des Moines, IA- On Wednesday, Polk County Administration staff presented the Board of Supervisors with the next fiscal year (24/25) budget. The approximately $378 million proposal outlines key fiscal priorities and allocations for the upcoming year, addressing vital public services and infrastructure. County Administrator John Norris said, “the focus of this year’s budget was to maintain the highest level of services while adjusting to recent state legislation that severely limits local governments ability to fund basic services.”

Key highlights of the proposed budget include:

  • Safety and technology upgrades at the Polk County jail.
  • $1 million set aside to assist with implementation of school radio amplifiers for law enforcement and school safety needs.
  • Investments in Polk County Conservation to help them move closer to opening Sleepy Hollow.
  • Health and wellness initiatives for Polk County employees.
  • New internship pilot program to give high school student a hands on learning opportunity.

The proposed budget is the result of extensive collaboration and analysis by department directors and county administration staff. Polk County Board Chair Angela Connolly says, “Polk County is committed to providing quality services to Polk County residents and our employees and were able to do this without raising the Polk County levy rate. The Board of Supervisors is appreciative of the hard work of our department heads and elected officials who took our request to limit growth seriously and presented us with balanced budgets.”

Letters to residents detailing the proposed fiscal year tax levy will be sent out in the coming weeks. The public is invited to provide feedback prior to a final vote on the budget at the regular Board of Supervisors meeting on March 26th.

To view the presentation visit: