Precinct Election Officials

Every election day, hundreds of Precinct Election Officials (PEOs) are needed to staff polling places located throughout Polk County.  As a PEO, you will be a key factor in how our citizens regard elections and it will be your job to ensure anyone who is eligible and wants to vote is given the opportunity.  

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Get paid to help voters in your community

  • Precinct Election Officials are paid $13.00 (FY 21 rate) per hour.  $14.00 per hour after July 1, 2022
  • Precinct Captains are paid $15.00 (FY 21 rate) per hour.  $16.00 per hour after July 1, 2022

Requirements for Precinct Election Official

  • Must provide your own transportation to and from the polls
  • Must be willing to work long hours (typically 6 AM - 9 PM) 
  • Must be willing to attend a paid school of instruction prior to working
  • iPad experience required
  • Must have a email address
  • Additional requirements if you are a student in High School

What does a Precinct Election Official do?

  • Assist in setting up the polling place before the polls open
  • Check-in / register / update voter information using our Poll Pad system
  • Distribute ballot to voter after check-in verification
  • Help maintain an orderly process and ensures compliance of voting laws 
  • Assist in tearing down the polling place after the polls close.

Interested in Applying? https://pollworker.iowa.gov/

Training Materials