Specialty License Plates

Personalized License Plates and Select Specialty Plates

If you are in need of personalized plates or specialty plates that require certification (military, retired military, fire fighter, etc.), they must be ordered through the Iowa DOT.

Please visit the personalized/specialty plate section of the Iowa DOT website for more information and to order your plates.

Once your personalized/specialty plates arrive at our office, you will receive a notice with instructions on how to pick them up.

Standard Issue Blackout or Specialty Plates

The County Treasurer has standard issue blackout plates and a limited variety of standard issue specialty plates on hand.

To obtain these plates you must:

  • Surrender your current plates to the Treasurer's Office
  • Pay the appropriate initial plate fees


Contact us with questions or to ask about blackout plates/specialty plates we have on hand.

A Title Appointment is required for all vehicle purchases and transfers.