Other Assistance Categories


Miscellaneous Assistance - income based

     - Food 

       (Food is also available at community pantries including: Click here for DMARC pantries)

     - Beds

     - Clothing

     - Household and personal items

     - Health supplies

     - Assistance for stranded travelers 

     - Cremations

For all assistance except cremations fill out an online application or a paper application and bring it to the General Assistance office.  You can also appy by phone by calling (515) 286-2088 or by sending an e-mail to  

To apply for cremation assistance complete and submit the Cremation Application 


Emergency Sheltering for Families

When families with minor children are unsheltered, they must seek assistance at family shelters or through Primary Health Care.  If they are unable to access those programs, they can contact 2-1-1 to request a one-night stay in a hotel.  Families are not able to choose the hotel; the locations are determined by General Assistance based on agreements with certain businesses

Families receiving this service must contact Primary Health Care first thing the following business day, for ongoing assistance, and must discharge from the hotel by regular check-out time. 

Failure to contact Primary Health care and/or check-out on time may make the family ineligible for General Assistance services for a period of time

Primary Health Care - 1200 University Avenue, Suite 120, Des Moines (515-248-1500) or click this link: 

Primary Health Care