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Wagon & Sleigh Rides

Schedule a wagon or sleigh ride for your family, friends, or group today!

Book Your Wagon Ride

  • Capacity: One wagon ride can take up to 20 people
  • Length: 45-minutes
  • Dates: June - November
  • Wagon Ride Cost: $125
  • Reservations Required for Wagon Rides: Book Your Wagon Ride Online Here
  • A ramp is available upon request for riders who may require additional support getting into the wagon (ie: wheel chairs)

Book Your Holiday Sleigh Ride

  • Capacity: One sleigh ride can take up to 8 people. Young children who will be sitting on an adult's lap do not need to be counted towards this total.
  • Length: 30-45 minutes
  • Dates: December - January (see booking calendar for exact dates)
  • Sleigh Ride Cost: $150
  • Additional Information: Sleigh rides require a minimum of 6 inches of packed snow as a proper base for the sleigh to operate safely. A winter wagon ride may be substituted if conditions do not allow for a sleigh ride, at the discretion of Jester Park Equestrian Center.
  • Health and Safety: Due to Covid-19, all guests must wear face coverings while in the sleigh.
  • Reservations Required for Sleigh Rides: Book Your Sleigh Ride Online Here


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