Polk County Health Department Shares Annual Report

Published 12/14/2023 11:39:18 AM

(Des Moines, IA) – Polk County Health Department (PCHD) shares their 2022-2023 Fiscal Annual Report. This report includes a two-page document containing statistics, which includes number of vaccines administered, number of STD’s investigated, number of people who received lead hazard home repairs and more.

The report also includes a video, which features three projects and programs that provided much needed services to the community. The projects and programs featured:

  • Harm Reduction Lock Box Program
  • Community Health Workers Demonstration Project
  • Lead Hazard Home Repair Program

“Our Annual Report shows how our services and programs are being utilized, said Helen Eddy, Director of Polk County Health Department. “It’s also a chance for us to highlight new initiatives we’ve brought to the community to address current health issues and needs.”

The two-page document called, “Polk County Health Department Quick Stats” is attached. In addition, you can view the “Polk County Health Department Annual Report Video” on PCHD’s website.


Polk County Health Department strives to create the conditions for all people to live healthy lives by engaging residents, reducing health disparities and attending to the needs of our most vulnerable families.

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