Get a Copy

All of our Real Estate Documents from 1/1/1992 to the present our available to view and print online free of charge.  Click here to start your search.

You have 3 options for getting copies of documents not available online:

  • Regular In-Office Copies - $.50 per page
  • Mailed-Out Copies - $1.00 for the first page; $.50 each additional page. If you need a certified copy there is an additional charge of $5.00 for a certified copy. An invoice will be sent out with your copy.
  • Emailed Copies* - $2.00 for the first page; $1.00 each additional page. To request a copy, please include your name, company name (if applicable), phone number, email address, and book/page information. Send email to

Questions? Call our Imaging Dept at 515-286-3175

*Invoices will be sent out along with copies. The Recorder's Office reserves the right to take away email copy privileges to any customers with outstanding debts.

We are open to the public 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday thru Friday. For same day service of Vital Records you must be in the office by 3:30pm. Passports are by appointment only. Call 515-286-3160 with any questions or to set up an appointment.