Request a Record?

Requesting a record from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Confidential Information

Examination or release of confidential information is strictly prohibited. Specific information that may not be released includes but is not limited to:

  • Peace Officer's investigative reports.
  • A person's social security number, date of birth, and driver’s license information
  • Intelligence data per chapter 692 of the Iowa Code.
  • Registered victim information per chapter 915 of the Iowa Code.
  • Identity of child victims per chapter 915 of the Iowa Code.
  • Results of psychological examinations.
  • Confidential informant communications.
  • Mental and Health information.

Allowable Release

Examination or release of this information includes but is not limited to:

  • Incident reports
  • Accident reports (for interested parties including but not limited to: involved parties, legal representatives, and insurance companies)
  • Dispatch Logs
  • The date, time, specific location, and immediate facts and circumstances surrounding a crime or incident except in those unusual circumstances where disclosure would plainly and seriously jeopardize an investigation or pose a clear and present danger to the safety of an individual.

Record Fees

Police Incident Report                       $5.00

Vehicle Accident Report                   $5.00

Dispatch Log                                       $5.00

Animal Control Report                       $5.00

If the record exceeds 10 pages, an additional $0.25/page may be added. Payment must be made prior to the request being released. Payment can be included with your Application for Public Record, in the form of Cash or Money Order. Checks will be accepted from businesses only.

Video and Photos

In-Car Video                                        $35.00

Security Camera Footage                 $35.00

Photos                                                  $35.00

911 calls/Communication audio      $35.00

If a request is being made for Video and Photos, a contact phone number and/or email must be provided so contact can be made to inform the requester of total fees. Payment will not be taken until the processing fees are calculated.

If ANY records requests exceeds 1 hour to process, the Sheriff’s Office may charge an additional $30/hr. to compile the information requested.



Online payments are accepted through the above Request Center website


Complete an Application for Public Record and mail to:

Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Attention:  Jerry Noble           

1985 NE 51st Place

Des Moines, IA 50313


Polk County Sheriff’s Office, records request:

  • (515)286-3313

The Sheriff’s Office will begin to process your request once it is received. The record will not be released until payment is received.

Payments accepted: Cash, Money Order, and Checks (business checks only)

Payments should be mailed to:

            Polk County Sheriff’s Office

            Attention:  Jerry Noble

            1985 NE 51st Place

            Des Moines, IA 50313

Any questions regarding records, contact Jerry Noble during normal business hours (M-F 7:30 a.m. – 4:00p.m.) at (515)286-3313.

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