Supported Living

Supported living services are resources for people who need additional support but still want to live an independent life.

Hourly Supported Community Living

  • Community living is available for people with disabilities to live independently. Hourly supported community living provides service ranging from just a few hours per month to several hours per day.

Integrated Services Programs

  • Integrated service programs provide comprehensive supports to help individuals who are faced with a mental illness or disability. These programs help them learn skills that allow them to live, work, and socialize in their community.

KEY Program

  • The Knowledge Empowers Youth (KEY) program is a specialized integrated services program that provides comprehensive supports to help youth with mental health and other disabilities transition into adulthood.

ACT Program

  • The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program is a team-based approach to community living that provides comprehensive, community-based psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation, medication management, and support to individuals that need ongoing mental health supports.

FACT Program

  • The Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) program specifically assists individuals with mental illness in the criminal justice system. FACT helps people live in the community while avoiding a return to jail, prison, or psychiatric hospitalization.

Daily Supported Community Living

  • Daily Supported Community Living allows adults with disabilities to have up to 24-hour care and support. Residents spend each day working on their personal goals and taking steps toward independence.

Family Host Homes

  • Host homes serve as an alternative to traditional supported community living. Family host homes allow adults with disabilities to live with a family who is a supportive mentor and advocate.

Intensive Residential Services

  • Intensive Residential Services integrates mental health, medical, and substance use care in a 24-hour supervised setting and is ideal for individuals in needing high-level support and treatment.

Congregate Care

  • Congregate care is a group living environment that provides 24-hour supervision and support for children, teens, and adults and can help individuals with a behavioral or mental health condition achieve stability before reentry into a family-like or an integrated community setting.