Child Immunization Information

Why is it important to vaccinate your children?

Vaccines can prevent common diseases that used to seriously harm or even kill infants, children, and adults. Without vaccines, your child is at risk of becoming seriously ill or even dying from childhood diseases such as measles and whooping cough.

Common Questions about Vaccines

Addressing Common Concerns about Vaccines

More Information about Vaccines for Your Children

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Iowa’s Immunization Requirements

Additional Information about Iowa’s Immunization Requirements

We encourage earliest eligibility! What does that mean?

It means you choose to have your kids vaccinated as SOON as they are eligible for a vaccine. Children are eligible to receive vaccines typically 1-2 years before they need it for school. 

Example: Jane is required to get her second dose of the meningitis vaccine in order to start her senior year of high school. Instead of waiting until RIGHT before her senior year starts, Jane gets her second meningitis dose when she turns 16 years old, when she's a junior in high school.

Why should you do this?

This helps prevent kids from missing school. If you wait until the last minute to have your kids vaccinated, you may not be able to get your kids in for an appointment right away, because healthcare clinics get VERY busy during the back-to-school period (end of August – early September).

Take charge of your kids’ health and have them vaccinated at Earliest Eligibility!

*We also encourage providers to follow this practice. Give your patients the choice to have their kids vaccinated at earliest eligibility.*

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