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TB Skin Test

TB skin testing is done by appointment Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Call (515) 286-3798 to schedule an appointment.

Hours: TB skin testing is NOT done on Thursdays.

Cost: $20.00 due at time of test.

Unless other arrangements have been made, the client must return to the Health Department within 48-72 hours to have their TB skin test read.

Information for individuals in close contact with someone who has Active Tuberculosis (TB)

  • If you think you are a contact to someone who has active TB, please contact the Communicable Disease Nurses at (515) 286-3890.
  • If you have been identified by the Health Department as a contact to someone with active TB and need to be tested, a Communicable Disease Nurse will contact you to make arrangements for testing.

If you think you need to get tested for COVID-19 or have been exposed, call your clinic FIRST. DO NOT go to the ER or clinic. You could potentially expose others to COVID-19 or be exposed to COVID-19.