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Property Taxes Due This Month!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pay at www.IowaTaxAndTags.gov

Property Tax Statements Mailed this Friday

Monday, March 27, 2017

MARY MALONEY, POLK COUNTY TREASURER has announced that 180,000 tax statements representing $915 million dollars will begin being dropped in the mail late in the week of August 21st, 2017 to property owners. Maloney reminds taxpayers “You don’t need to wait for a statement to make a payment. Your property tax information is already on our www.IowaTaxAndTags.gov website. Due to the anticipated volume of walk-in traffic at our office, you are encouraged to use our Treasurer’s online payment system at www.IowaTaxAndTags.gov where you may make full or partial payments.”  Maloney states, “We would like to remind our citizens that the service fee associated with an electronic check is only $0.30.  In comparison, a postage stamp is now $0.49!  The web service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

Maloney indicated “Many of the statements that will be mailed are information only for taxpayers that have their mortgage companies pay the tax.  If taxpayers aren’t sure about who is responsible to pay, they should contact their mortgage company”.  The first installment deadline for property tax due in fiscal year 2017-2018 is Monday, October 2, 2017.

Payments may be mailed to the office but must have an October 2nd postmark to be processed without late interest.  To receive an October 2nd postmark, please mail by 8:30 p.m. Monday, October 2, 2017, at the main post office.  The post office does not postmark on Sunday.  If mailing from an outlying post office, please check postmark deadline requirements with the post office to obtain a timely postmark.  Interest on delinquent taxes accrues at 1.5% per month. Company affixed metered mail dates do not supersede the post office postmark.

For further information, call the Polk County Treasurer’s Tax Department at 286-3060.  Remember, most information can be found on our payment site www.IowaTaxAndTags.gov.

1/10/2012 - 2013 marks the 10th Year of Giving by the Treasury Department

Monday, September 16, 2013

DES MOINES, IA – January 10, 2013

MARY MALONEY, POLK COUNTY TREASURER — The Polk County Treasurer’s Office is known for collecting taxes. What is not known is that we also collect donations.

Treasurer employees have heard many stories of hardships from Polk County residents through the years while we are accepting their property tax and vehicle tag payments. It can be “taxing” to the heart to hear tales of financial struggles and loss our neighbors face. For some, being in the midst of other peoples despair can affect their morale on the job and at home.

Rebecca Fazio and Chelle Vaughn conceived the idea of a program called HOPE (Heart of Polk Employees) that grew into a substantial morale boosting product. The product is simply that of giving. It is wisely designed by the employees to raise employee morale while easing the conscientious empathetic struggles employee’s shoulder at work.

Each month the employees in the Polk County Treasurers office give a donation to a pre-specified organization that assists the people of Polk County. Since the inception of HOPE in the fall of 2003, countless people residing in Polk County have been recipients of our donations. In January of each year the HOPE committee selects the organizations we will offer our donations to. The first organization that helped build our morale was the Family Violence Center, next came Toys for Tots, Ronald McDonald House, the Food Pantry, Door of Faith Men’s Shelter, and so many more. They are chosen for the excellent work they do as well as the level of need. We give thanks to these organizations and are thrilled to contribute to them.

We are proud of our co-workers and the generosity they exhibit month-after-month. The year 2013 marks the 10th year of giving by our department.

8/24/2012 - HOPE Project: Capital View Elementary

Monday, September 16, 2013

DES MOINES, IA – August 24, 2012

Polk County Treasurer Employees Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary of HOPE in their Hearts

For the past ten years Polk County Treasurer employees have donated to over 83 charities through a simple, painless process: Each employee who donates receives the perk of dressing down to casual. As donation mechanisms go, the program is elegant: Employees pay for a perk, knowing their payment will go to a good cause.

In September of 2003 staff members brainstormed and proposed a plan to Polk County Treasurer Mary Maloney which would inspire community involvement by a government office without government funding. The project would be called HOPE or Heart Of Polk Employees with the main objective focused entirely on community outreach.

During the last full week of each month the HOPE committee independently coordinates, collects and distributes donated goods to a community organization of their choice. The staff-run committee of six manages and facilitates the entire project. The six members establish and maintain a list of organizations the contributions would benefit, communicate with the organizations, and coordinate the delivery of donated goods. Committee members serve on a two year rotation. During the contribution rally week each staff member who chooses to participate in HOPE donates on average $10 to $20 to the monthly cause in exchange for the benefit of wearing casual dress attire.

Since HOPE’s inception many organizations have benefited from this team’s efforts. The list of organizations varies from time-to-time to include special contribution funds such as the 2005 Hurricane Katrina Victims Fund. In September 2006 staff collected for Amanda the Panda who provides support to grieving children and their families. For a month in 2007 and 2011 staff sponsored our U.S. troops overseas. HOPE has also sponsored two fellow Polk County employee’s families who had endured a hardship.

In the time the program has been running approximately $64,200 worth of staff donations have benefited central Iowa organizations. Polk County Treasurer employees are very proud of their efforts. As the goods are collected they are showcased in the Property Tax/Motor Vehicle Public Service Room for citizens to see the resulting impact of the boxes of food, pet supplies, school supplies, etc.

The ancillary benefits recognized with this innovative project include the engagement in a meaningful contribution to the community giving a sense of fulfillment, the opportunity of placing a human face on public service, the positive team building effect, and a boost to office morale. It is in this expression, reflecting sensitivity for the needs of others, which has powered this staff-run project for ten years and running.

Polk County Treasurer Mary Maloney calls Treasurer Employee’s "the most generous people I have encountered." HOPE contributions this year are going to help Gigi’s Playhouse which helps children with Down Syndrome, US Army for children 3 to 13 years of age with parents deployed away from home, Children & Families of Iowa to help at risk teens, Amanda the Panda, and Animal Lifeline. In December 2012, HOPE will deliver items of great need to children with hardships during the Christmas holiday.

The Treasurer employee’s HOPE program is known locally for its generosity. While doing business in the Treasurer’s Office, a local Therapeutic Massage center graciously donated a ½ hour massage to the sponsored charity for the month after learning about the HOPE program and monthly donations.

This kind of giving is entirely repeatable by any group of employees with charity in their hearts. We see another plus for employers and employees who encourage contributions for casual days: The initiatives help create a culture which includes kindness and generosity.

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Avoid Parking Woes – Renew vehicle tag registration and property taxes online

Monday, September 16, 2013

With heavy construction around the Polk County Administration building access to parking is limited. Try renewing your vehicle tag registrations and paying your property taxes with the eCheck option on the treasurer’s payment website at www.IowaTaxAndTags.gov. The eCheck option is less than the cost of a postage stamp and certainly less than the cost of gas, meter change, and a parking headache. The web service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More secure? www.IowaTaxAndTags.gov – the most secure government websites are those with a .gov in the web address. Your online payment is safe and secure.

Faster? The fastest way to pay those pesky car tags and property taxes in just a few steps is through www.IowaTaxAndTags.gov.

More cost effective? Pay online with an eCheck (an electronic version of your paper check) for only forty cents at www.IowaTaxAndTags.gov.

Downtown Parking Headache

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Polk County Treasurer Mary Maloney reminds citizens, “We are experiencing heavy construction around our building. Access to parking is very limited.” You are encouraged to use our online web payment system which can be accessed from www.IowaTaxAndTags.gov or Treasurer Web site. This Memorial Day weekend try our eCheck option. It’s less than the cost of a postage stamp and certainly less than the cost of gas, meter change and a parking headache. The web service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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