Hobby Shops


You can help prevent and detect terrorism and other types of crime by watching out for suspicious activities at your hobby shop and reporting them to the proper authorities.

Be Alert

Be alert for activities that might indicate someone is gathering materials and supplies for criminal or terrorist activities. Suspicious behavior could include:

  • Appears nervous
  • Uses cash for large transactions
  • Uses a credit card registered in someone else’s name
  • Exhibits secretive and/or paranoid behavior
  • Presents a questionable, fraudulent or recently issued driver’s license
  • Resides in distant city/state
  • Inquire about remote-control aircraft, aircraft payload capacity and maximum range of aircraft
  • Wants to learn how to fly giant scale aircraft without first learning to fly small aircraft
  • Purchases remote-controlled aircraft but has no knowledge about how to operate it
  • Interest in remote-control hobby aircraft does not seem genuine
  • Purchases several large aircraft, engines, or transmitters

None of the listed actions, in and of themselves, constitutes a criminal violation. However, when coupled the acts may indicate suspicious activity that warrants law enforcement scrutiny. If you observe people acting suspiciously, as described above, please contact local law enforcement immediately.

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