General Aviation


By definition, the term General Aviation includes a broad range of aircraft and aviation activity. Not surprisingly, General Aviation airports vary greatly in size, function and operational characteristics. Just as all commercial service airports differ in their security needs, the same is true with General Aviation.

Be Alert

During the course of business, be alert for activities that might indicate someone is conducting surveillance of a potential target. Suspicious behavior could include:

  • Reluctance to present documentation
  • Reluctance to show logbook, pilot license, etc.
  • Appears uninformed about normal aviation technology
  • Pays cash for large transactions
  • Uses a credit car registered in someone else’s name
  • Reluctance to give personal and/or work information
  • Presents a questionable, fraudulent or recently issued driver’s license
  • Exhibits secretive and/or paranoid behavior
  • Loads unusual objects in aircraft
  • Uses name that differs from what appears on their visa
  • Asks questions about extra fuel beyond normal capacity of aircraft or fails to ask about fueling the aircraft.

Many of these activities, in and of themselves, may not indicate criminal activity. Taken together, however, they may be a cause for concern. If you observe people acting suspiciously, don’t hesitate to contact local law enforcement.

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