License Reinstatement Program

Driver's License Reinstatement Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have questions about my driver’s license?

Iowa Department of Transportation

Driver’s License Information: 1-800-532-1121.

Web address:

What is the License Reinstatement Program (LRP)?

The program allows people whose driver’s license has been suspended or will be suspended soon, for non-payment of traffic cases. This plan allows you to get your driver’s license back while making monthly payments.

How are License Reinstatement Program (LRP) plans set up?

If you receive an acceptance letter carefully follow the instructions in the letter.  Payment plans are conducted exclusively through email. A valid email address is required.

Do I need car insurance to be on the License Reinstatement Program (LRP) plan?


Under Iowa law, a person shall not drive a motor vehicle on the highways of this state unless financial liability coverage (motor vehicle insurance), is in effect for the motor vehicle and unless the driver has in the motor vehicle the proof of financial liability coverage card issued for the motor vehicle. 

How do I start the License Reinstatement Program (LRP)?

First you must apply. Please click here.

How long does the application process take?

Because of the number of applications we receive, the processing time is approximately 30 days. Once a decision has been made, you will be sent a letter by U.S. mail. 

How do I make payments?


  • Pay through the mail. You can send a check or money order. Make payable to “Polk County Clerk of Court” and send it to the Polk County Clerk of Court, 222 5th Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa, Be sure to include at least one case number on your check or money order.


  • Pay in person. Go to the Payment Center at the Polk County Justice Center located at 222 5th Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309. They do accept cash, check, money orders, debit or credit cards. The Polk County Justice Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (excluding holidays).


  • Pay over the phone. If you have a debit or credit card, you can pay over the phone by calling 515-286-3760. Please be patient this number may be busy or you may get voice mail.


  • The Polk County Attorney’s Office does not accept payments.

Can I get my vehicle registration hold lifted if I get on the License Reinstatement Program?

Yes, unless you have fines in other counties that are not suspending your license then you would have to make arrangements with those counties. Please call (515) 286-3077.

How do I remain in good standing on the License Reinstatement Payment Plan?

        Make your monthly payments on time. 

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in your revocation from the DRIVER’S License Reinstatement Program.

If I was on License Reinstatement Program and revoked, can I get back on?

Yes, however, by law you are only allowed five (5) License Reinstatement Plans in a life time.

Can I add a ticket I just got on a License Reinstatement Payment Plan?

No. Tickets have to be 60 days since disposition date to be on a plan.

Can my civil penalties be added to my License Reinstatement Payment Plan?

No. Civil penalties will need to be paid in full before you are put on the License Reinstatement Program. Payment is made to the Department of Transportation at 1-800-532-1121.

Can fines from counties other than Polk be put on the License Reinstatement Payment Plan?

Yes, as long as you have suspended tickets in Polk County and the tickets from the other counties are in suspension as well.

When is a case eligible for a License Reinstatement Payment Plan?

A case is eligible for the License Reinstatement Program after 60 days from your sentencing date.

Can ticket(s) from other states be put on the License Reinstatement Payment Plan? 


Do I need SR-22?

You will need to check with the Iowa Department of Transportation at 1-800-532-1121.

Can I be on the License Reinstatement Program if my license is barred?

No. However, you should contact the Iowa Department of Transportation at 1-800-532-1121 and apply for a Temporary Restricted License ("work permit"). 

Will a License Reinstatement Payment Plan prevent the Iowa Department of Revenue from taking my Iowa tax refund?

No. Contact the Iowa Department of Revenue.

Can I be on the Driver’s License Reinstatement Program and the other payment plan at the same time?

No. You can only be on one plan at a time.

Can you have money taken directly out of my bank account?

No. We do not have the capability to perform automatic withdrawals.